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Connecting to others isn't scary if you have the support and tools to build authentic and purposeful relationships. Whether you want to connect with a team, a spouse, children, or anyone else, there are strategies that make a huge difference. Through courses, coaching, speaking, and consulting, I help people make healthy relationships.

Ultimately, people want to know that they are heard and understood. Even if we disagree with them, the more we accommodate others deep desire to be known and loved, AND we know how to share the same with those we care about, disagreements become differences that make us stronger.

Dr. Mike Hattabaugh.

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Dr. Hattabaugh helped us understand our team in a mind blowing way. We thought we were connecting. We were actually doing the opposite. Now we are on track to real team success.

Rob P

One simple thing Dr. Hattabaugh told me saved my marriage. I had been focusing on the wrong things. Once I changed my perspective, BOOM. I saw things completely differently.

Sally S

I didn't realize the culture that already existed in my company. Mike not only pointed it out, he showed me why it was there and how I could use it to make our team more successful AND enjoy each other more.

Greg B.

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I need a great speaker at my event.
I need a personal business coach.
I want a HERO marriage.

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Dr. Mike Hattabaugh

Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Hattabaugh

Author, Speaker, Coach

Dr. Hattabaugh has spent 30 years learning how to connect people Better. He is an award winning speaker, coach, author and trainer who speaks to groups about gratitude, servant leadership, relationships, and culture. His interactive, fun, and relaxed style help people connect with others, learn new skills, and go out with a renewed purpose.


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